Small, but diverse.


Cyclamen Persicum

Small but diverse, Cyclamen can be found blooming year-round in grocery stores and greenhouse. Its sweet smelling petite flowers are held by long stems atop the foliage.

Cyclamen make great houseplants as they require little to no maintanence and can contiue to bloom for weeks.

Cyclamen are not safe for human or animal consumtion

Light  Light shade or full sun
Water Allow water to be taken up by root
Temperature Indoor Cyclamen cannot tolerate tempuratures below 40˚F

Cyclamen, from the Greek kuklos. Its name, which is actually identical in Latin and English, is transcribed from the Greek word kuklaminos, derived from kuklos, meaning “circle”: it refers to the round and flattened shape of its tuber.

Cyclamen prefer cooler tempuratures, around 61˚F, and thrive in direct or bright indirect light. While in bloom the Cyclamen should be kept moist. Allow the roots to take up water instead of watering from above. This will prevent rotting.

With proper care Cyclamen can last up to 8 weeks having continous blooms.

To ensure the longevity of the Cyclamen discard any yellow leaves and spent flowers. Once the foliage dies back the plant should be left to dry. It can then be repotted midsummer. Place it in a warm area so that roots can establish. Return to a cool tempuratures to encourage flowering.

Cyclamen Varieties


Colour Patch

Twisted Petal


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