Perfect for arrangements.



Peonies bring a luxurious feeling to floral arranging. The beautiful blossoms make perfect for fillers especially for larger arrangements.

 Peonies are not safe for human or animal consumption.

Light  Light shade or full sun
Water Ensure soil is moist or boggy
Temperature Prefer full sun in mild climates, light shade in hot climates

Symbolizing “bashfulness”, peonies are native to Asia, Europe and Western North America.

Fall is the opportune time to plant your freshly dug roots. If you purchase a potted root, these can be planted anytime of the year. Plant the crown at no deeper than 2″ below soil; if too low, or too high, it will hinder flowering.  Plant in full sun with well-drained soil. Never plant your Peony in the same location where another Peony has been planted before.

Once established, Peonies are reasonably drought resistant.  If the first spring after planting is very dry, the plants will benefit from receiving some water.  Try to water soil under plant avoiding contact with leaves, this reduces the chances of fungal diseases.

If you have cut Peonies make sure to cut at least 1″ off each stem on a diagonal and place in water. Room temperature will effect how quickly the blooms open. The warmer the room temperature, the faster your peonies will open. Peonies drink a lot of water, so refill your vase frequently.

Cut Peony look beautiful on any table. Store unopened Peonies in your fridge; keeping them cool will extend their life span. When ready, trim and place the stems in cool water. Remove any foliage below water level. Leftover foliage can begin to break down and produce a shorter vase life.

Download our 2021 Peony Variety Chart and discover all Cut Peony Varieties Available!

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