Lush greenery.



Add a touch of green to your home with a tropical! Easy to tend to, tropicals add a certain flare to your home or office space.


Tropicals are not safe for human or animal consumption.

Light  Light shade or full sun
Water  Ensure soil is moist or boggy
Temperature Prefer full sun in mild climates, light shade in hot climates

Just are their name describes, Tropical plants are found in tropical climates, where there is an abundance of high humdity and sunshine.

Take notice of your tropicals apperance. Over saturation of the roots can cause it to die. Ensure your pot has proper drainage holes. Consider the environment that your putting your tropical in. Some rely on light while others are tolerant of lower light. Low light tolerant plants inlcude: Money Trees, rubber plant, pothos and sansevieria. Plants such as Zygocactus, often need more light to survive. Tropicals thrive in warm, humid climates with good airflow.

Tropicals can collect a lot of dust. To see the bright green glossy leaves of your tropical, wipe the leaves down with a clean, damp cloth. You can mist your tropical as well during the summer. Is your tropical lacking colour? It might not be getting enough light. Fluorescent light help plants grow inside. Test dryness of your tropical by touching the soil. Using distilled water will increase the longevity of the flower. Tap water contains fluoride, which can cause the leaf tips on many of your plants to burn. Promote healthier and fuller growth by removing browning or yellow foliage.  

Tropical Varieties


Prayer Plant

Palm Tree
Elephant Ear
Elephant Ear
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