Robust with abundant blooms. Garvinea®


Garvinea®, has proven to be a true outdoor power flower by continuously offering masses of flowers from early spring until the first frost. Their bright colour offers endless possibilities for enjoying the outdoors, from balcony to border.


Garvinea® are not safe for human or animal consumption.

Light  Light shade or full sun.
Water Ensure soil is moist and well drained.
Temperature Prefer full sun in mild climates, light shade in hot climates.

Garvinea® is a colourful range of garden plants. Its most exciting feature is the exceptionally generous flowering period of three long seasons. From early spring until the first frost many new buds will be formed, producing around 100 flowers per plant, each year.  This makes it a valuable addition to the existing garden segment.  Garvinea® is a low maintenance plant, ideal for both the gardener and the true outdoor hedonist.

The consumer care of Garvinea® is simple as the plants have a high resistance to diseases and pests. The plants require a moderate sunny to half shady place, with well-draining soil, some regular fertilizer and extra water in cases of prolonged drought. Removing finished flowers and old foliage will simulate the plant to produce even more new flower buds.

Although Garvinea® daisies prefer bright sunlight, they benefit from afternoon shade in hot climates.
A coarse well-drained soil is recommended. If planting in a pot, be sure to use a pot with multiple drain holes at the bottom. 
When watering, soak the roots thoroughly, and then allow the top of the soil and the crown of the plant to dry before the next watering. Fertilize monthly during peak growing seasons ( spring, summer), with a multipurpose outdoor fertilizer. Deadhead old blooms to prolong blooming season.

Download our 2021 Garvinea® Chart and discover all Garvinea® Varieties Available!

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