Flowers that look almost too perfect to be real.

Ranunculus Romance ™

Ranunculus Romance ™

Ranunculus are classic spring flowers, with cup-shaped blooms and layers of delicate petals unfurling from a tight center. The petals are paper thin and are complemented by a light green “eye” in the center of the bloom. These flowers are a delight to watch unfold!

Ranunculus are not safe for human or animal consumption.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

Water Place in a clean vase filled two-thirds with fresh water. Change water about every 2-3 days and add “plant food” to help preserve flowers.
Temperature To preserve the vitality of the flowers, place in a cool area. Keep away from heat or drafts.
  • This species of Ranunculus  is believed to originate from central Asia. 
  • Why is it called “Ranunculus”? In the wild, some Ranunculus species grow in wet habitats. The name “Ranunculus” is derived from the Latin word for “little frog” which is a reference to these growing conditions.  
  • Fill a clean vase two-thirds with cold water. City treated water is perfect, as it has some good sanitizing qualities that work very well to keep water clean.
  • When preparing “flower food” for your vase you may want to use a small amount of warm water to dissolve this food well, than mix into vase before adding cold water.
  • Use a sterile knife or sharp scissors (be careful) to trim about one inch off from the bottom of each stem at a 45° angle—it’ll make it easier for your Ranunculus to slurp up all that tasty water. Do not use a dull cutting tool as you may accidentally squish the cells at the end of the stem, preventing water uptake.
  • Remove all excess foliage that would rest below the vase’s waterline, as the leaves can introduce potentially harmful bacteria to the water. Keep all other leaves on!
  • Carefully drop the Ranunculus flowers in and arrange how you see fit—just make sure they have adequate support and room to bloom.
  • Help preserve the flowers by changing the water about every 2-3 day. During this time you should also re-trim your stems and add a new packet of “plant food”.

Keep flowers away from ripening fruits or vegetables. Ripening fruit gives off ethylene gas which will reduce your flower vase life

Ranunculus naturally grow in a curve and not a straight line unlike most flowers.
Ranunculus have hollow stems, which mean that florists have to be extra careful not to crush or break them.

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Rosy Cheeks

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